I have heard that there is no water. Is it true? 

One of the main characteristics of the Lao River is precisely the constancy of its water flow, even in the hottest and driest months, always guaranteeing the practicability of our rafts. 

How I dress? 

the centre supplies the necessary equipment: 


-waterproof jacket 


-life jacket 

To be brought (not provided) 


-a couple of t-shirts 


-waterproof shoes 

Is it dangerous? 

Safety is always taken into consideration with us. Expert and qualified guides will provide clear instructions before and during activities. Safety equipment (life jackets, helmets, etc.) will always be provided before departure. Short courses are also held (briefings of 15 minutes) during which useful notions and instructions are given, also for security purposes. 

Are these activities suitable for children? 

Of course! Rafting is an activity suitable for children too(4 years onwards). Everyone can go rafting in the Thames, even the little ones: obviously, the sections are not as troubled as those for adults. Having said that, the descent remains a very unique and safe experience. 

What if it rains? 

The Center will adjust according to the extent of the bad weather. Most of the time, light rain is not a problem. If bad weather makes rafting impractical, it is still possible to postpone your activity. The only sure thing is that in rafting you are going to get wet. However, remember that suitable clothing will be provided to you! 

Is it necessary to have already done descents before? 

No specific training or experience is required for descents. Of course, it is necessary a good relationship with water. All excursions are suitable for beginners and no technical knowledge is required. 

How many people can get on the rubber boat? 

A maximum number of 6 people are admitted on our rubber boats. According to the hydrographic levels of the river, the supervisor can decide whether to increase or decrease the maximum number of people (between 4 and 6).