Lao River Camp 

Equipped area 

“Lao River Camp” area is a magical place, a jewel located 10 minutes from the Romito cave, a worldwide importance archaeological site and it is protected by La Destra Mountain, a real terrace overlooking the two Calabrian seas. The perfect harmony between the Lao river and the “Vrisa” stream makes it a flawless location both to spend a funny or peaceful day and to organize all your events surrounded by a quite and familiar atmosphere thanks to the politeness and professionalism of the staff! Inside the area there are green fields where you can spend whole days relaxing, pampered by the active services: bar, restaurant, picnic area, barbecue, water trekking and the possibility of using changing rooms with showers, maybe after a bath in the limpid water of our rivers. To sum up, a real paradise among a lush vegetation and perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. 

Catering / Changing rooms with showers / Camping area / Picnic area/ Barbecue area/ River / Excursion Center 

The embrace between the Lao river and the "Vrisa" stream makes it the perfect location to spend time in the name of fun and tranquility