Canyon rafting
The classic Lao Gorges

Rafting Gole del Lao Laorafting
Length: 16 Km
Travel time: About 3 hours
Difficulty: > 14 y/o
€ 65,00
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Particularly fascinating is the excursion along the Lao Gorges which begins at the foot of the village of Laino Borgo. After 2 km of navigation you reach the mouth of the gorge, which is entirely covered for a distance of 14 km.You can enjoy a unique natural spectacle characterized by very high rocky walls that form a canyon of extraordinary beauty, springs that pour into the river create splendid waterfalls, among these the largest and most evocative is the Malomo waterfall.In some points the natural path of the river does not allow the passage of rafts and for this reason transhipments are made.In the last kilometers the scenery varies, the lower walls, the beaches and the thickest vegetation will accompany us to the landing, a real area equipped with showers and bar service, from which our vehicles will lead us back to the base.

Remember to bring the following equipment:

Trekking or running shoes
A set of dry clothes
Shower accessories
Sense of adventure!

Equipment Provided for Each Guest:

Life jacket
Wetsuit (3mm) in cold conditions
Waterproof jacket in cold conditions

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