Canyoning Iannello stream
Stream Iannello “complete”

Canyoning Jannello Laorafting
Length: 3,5 Km
Travel time: about 4/5 hours
Difficulty: > 14y/o
€ 100,00
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Iannello River originates from the Gada Mountain, in the Pollino National Park, in Laino Borgo. With a significantly lower flow than that the Lao River one, Iannello River is particularly suitable for the practice of some water sports, especially water Canyoning and water Trekking.

We recommend this course to anyone who is not satisfied with the “Funny” path and wants to experience an intense and captivating experience.

Along the way we will bump into a series of fun water jumps, small waterfalls and pools of crystal clear water, surrounded by lush vegetation that makes this excursion a fantastic experience, where you will feel throw into another world.

Remember to bring the following equipment:

Technical t-shirt
Trekking shoes
Shower equipment
Sense of adventure!

Equipment Provided for Each Guest:

Wetsuit (3mm or 5mm in cold conditions)
Water jacket
Lower device

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