La via della Rocca

Length: 9,5 Km
Travel time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Easy, Excursion suitable to everyone

“Transfer” excursion: allows you to move from the west to the north side of the Park. It crosses part of the interesting beechwood-fir, full of ancient specimens of silver fir. Preferred environment of the black woodpecker, green woodpecker and other minor ones. Until Piano Jannace the path is traveled by the Rotondesi for the “theft” of the tree on the occasion of the celebration of Sant’Antonio. The “Monuments” are natural rock that vaguely resemble a megalithic monument. Near Pietra Castello the forest is enriched with botanical species such as aspen, Bosnian pine, rowan, mountain ash, prunus, and pyrus. Part of the path retraces the route of the Rueping, a Decauville railway, built at the beginning of the century to transport wood. The Fondo is a small lake that brings together karstic and glacial features, inhabited by numerous amphibious.

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