Laino, a journey back in time

Length: 9 Km
Travel time: 3.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy, Excursion suitable to everyone

It starts from the old “Ferrovie Calabro Lucane” station, no longer available. You walk along the railway crossing the fascinating five-arch bridge that goes uphill over the Lao river and the Battendiero just before their confluence. 

Shortly after, you leave the roadbed and continue along a small road that runs through the countryside along the banks of the Lao river in the direction of Laino Castello. The landscape treasures an archaic aspect with small fields planted with vegetables and cereals permeated by complex systems of adduction and drainage of the abundant natural water sources. 

After reaching the fountain near the center of Laino Castello, cross the “iron bridge” and along the river Lao you reach the mouth of the Lao Gorges under the small town of Capo a Mare. Along the river it is not difficult to witness the flight of Gray Herons in winter and spring. Returning on the same path, we visit the small town of Laino Borgo and its churches that remind us a Greek-Byzantine past. After visiting the village, following the course of the Jannello river, the old “aquarium” that crosses the countryside of Laino is covered for a long distance, punctuated with old agricultural terraces, abandoned rural houses, one of which preserves the rural San Foca fresco. 

The greenery is dominated by deciduous oaks but is rich in species of the Mediterranean scrub: oregano, mint, vitalba, ivy, butcher’s broom, asparagus. From Laino Borgo it is possible to see the historic center of Laino Castello, an ancient Longobard Castle, unfortunately completely abandoned in 1982 by its inhabitants. 

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