Serra di Crispo: Gods garden

Length: 13 Km
Travel time: 6 hours
Difficulty: Medium

The largest number of massive specimens of this tree lives on the “Serra delle Ciavole”. With their twisted shapes acquired throughout millennia challenging the natural elements, each of them represents a true natural monument. The view towards the east and the Pollino plains is wonderful. Along the path you will encounter rocks incorporating the “rudists”, fossil remains of molluscs that are now extinct.

In the beechwood, if you look closely you can see some silver fir: above Piano di Vacquarro, a specimen about 40 m long, unfortunately crashed to the ground a few decades ago. It reaches an altitude of 2000 m a.s.l. crossing interesting beechwoods, the secondary grasslands of the Pollino plains with small lakes on the Eocene flysh inhabited by “ululoni” and salamanders. Ideal habitat of the kestrel, hare, rock partridge. Interesting is a “bonsai” silver fir outside the area at an altitude of 2000 m and some “snake beechwoods”.

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