The beechwoods of Coppola di Paola

Length: 9 Km
Travel time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Medium

Starting from the De Gasperi Refuge, you always walk covered by the beechwood. Crossing an area full of sinkholes, where nocturnal raptors often hide. The beechwood has few, but interesting specimens of holly, yew and silver fir: these are relics of a more consistent presence in the past. The Timpa dell’Orso is a rocky crag projected onto the Mercure Valley, an ancient lake basin. Climbing towards the peak of Cozzo Ferriero you will encounter majestic specimens of beech. In particular, near the peak there is an untouched and pure beechwood.

It could be a recent colonization that occurred following the area perturbation or the global warming. From the peaks of Cozzo Ferriero and Coppola di Paola you can enjoy a 360 ° view on the Calabrian and Lucanian slopes, with a view up to the Ionian Sea and the entire mountain range. Going down to Colle del Dragone you can reach the small and fresh Caballa source before reaching Piano Ruggio.

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