What is Rafting 

Rafting is one of the most captivating river sports and consists of sailing the water of a river onboard rafts. It is generally known as an extreme sport, but it is actually a fun activity suitable to everyone. 

Athletic preparation 

It is not necessary to have particular athletic skills and not even to practice a specific training. However, it is good to have resistance to prolonged efforts and a great desire to plunge into the adventure. 

Anyway, with the exception of the sedentary, you can start from zero without problems, obviously lead by experienced rafters. 

Extreme sport? No thanks! 

Despite it takes place in a particular environment, rafting is not an extreme sport by default. We can compare it to alpine skiing, in which there are beating tracks of varying difficulty, off-track and the so-called extreme skiing. Similarly, rafting provides routes accessible to beginners, experts and “super-experts” with a remarkable curriculum. 

Rafting could become extreme if done in particular conditions, for instance with unusual river flows and with particularly low temperatures or exploring unknown environments. Don’t worry: our guides always know what to do. 

Are you ready? 

River Lao is pleased to welcome you in its naturalness, the Lao is ready to amaze you and give you a unique experience.