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A cookie is a short text sent to your browser by a website you visit. It allows the site to store information about your visit, such as the preferred language, the automatic filling of the comment form and other settings. This can facilitate the next visit and increase the usefulness of the site in your favor. Cookies play an important role, without them using the Web would be a less relaxing experience and frustrating for many users.

This site, like most of the websites present online, also use cookies to improve the browsing experience of its users.

This site can publish advertisements through the Google AdSense advertising circuit.

From 8 April 2009 this circuit will use a new cookie called “DoubleClick DART” (read the FAQ here). From the month of April 2009 when users visit this blog, as well as any other website of an AdSense publisher, and view or click on an AdSense advertisement, a cookie will be created on the user’s system that will track the user’s navigation. itself within the blog.

The data collected through these cookies will be used by Google in aggregate form. “In aggregate form” means that the cookie and the tracking systems are never associated with the person but with navigation, so no one will be able to associate your name with the pages or websites you visit.

You can refuse and / or block this cookie thanks to your browser settings. Below is a list of guides of the main browsers on how to do this.

Additionally, users can learn how ads are tailored to their interests through the Ads Preference Manager tool, available in the Google Privacy Center and by clicking on most of the ‘Google Ads’ links found in Google Ads. This allows users to add or remove categories to improve the relevance of the ads they see, or to disable the serving of interest-based ads.

For more information, please see the Google Ads Privacy Center, the Google Ads Privacy Policy and the YouTube Privacy Policy.

Types of Cookies

  1. Technicians
    they are used to perform computer authentication, session monitoring and storage of specific information on users who access a web page.
  2. Profiling
    Used to monitor and profile users while browsing, study their movements and habits (what they buy, what they read, etc.) also for the purpose of sending targeted and personalized service advertisements.
  3. Analytics
    Used to collect information in aggregate form, on the number of users and on how they view the site itself, or to process general statistics on the service and its use.
  4. Third parts
    Coming from other sites and contained in various host elements on the page itself, such as advertising banners, images, videos, etc. Very often these cookies are stored for profiling purposes.

Types of Cookies Used

  • Preferences
    These cookies allow our websites to store information that changes the behavior or appearance of the sites themselves, such as your preferred language or the geographical area in which you are located. By memorizing the geographical area, for example, a website may be able to offer you local weather forecasts or local traffic news. Cookies can also help you change the text size, font and other customizable parts of web pages.
  • Safety
    We use security cookies to authenticate users, prevent the fraudulent use of login credentials and protect user data from unauthorized parties.
  • Session status
    Websites often collect information on how users interact with them. This may include the pages visited most often by users and the possibility that users receive error messages from certain pages. We use these “session state cookies” to improve our services and the browsing experience of our users. Blocking or deleting these cookies will not render the website unusable.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is an analysis tool from Google that helps website and app owners understand how visitors interact with the content they own. A set of cookies can be used to collect information and generate website usage statistics without personal identification of individual visitors by Google.
    Read more information on Analytics cookies and privacy.
  • Google AdSense
    The site may contain AdSense ads, small blocks of targeted advertising by Google
    Read more information on Google AdSense cookies and privacy.
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, …)
    Share or social buttons of external social networks (such as Share on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, Share on Google+) may be installed on the site. Information could be collected in the cookies to send information to these social networks to allow the sharing of elements of the site. We refer to the individual social networks for more complete information on the use of the information contained in the cookies.

Third Party Cookies

Google Analytics (Google)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the Personal Data collected for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of this Application, compiling reports and sharing them with other services developed by Google

Google may use the Personal Data to contextualize and personalize the advertisements of its own advertising network.

Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment : USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out

Interaction with external social networks and platforms

These services allow interaction with social networks or other external platforms directly from the pages of this Application.
The interactions and information acquired by this Application are in any case subject to the User’s privacy settings relating to each social network.
In the event that an interaction service with social networks is installed, it is possible that, even if the Users do not use the service, it collects traffic data relating to the pages in which it is installed.

Like button and Facebook social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)
The “Like” button and Facebook social widgets are interaction services with the Facebook social network, provided by Facebook, Inc.
Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment : USA – Privacy Policy

+1 button and Google+ social widgets (Google Inc.)

The +1 button and Google+ social widgets are interaction services with the Google+ social network, provided by Google Inc.
Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment : : USA – Privacy Policy

Pulsante Tweet e widget sociali di Twitter (Twitter, Inc.)

Il pulsante Tweet e i widget sociali di Twitter sono servizi di interazione con il social network Twitter, forniti da Twitter, Inc.

Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment : : USA – Privacy Policy

Pulsante Mi Piace e widget sociali di Facebook (Facebook, Inc.)

Il pulsante “Mi Piace” e i widget sociali di Facebook sono servizi di interazione con il social network Facebook, forniti da Facebook, Inc.

Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment : USA – Privacy Policy

Google AdSense (Google Inc.)

Google AdSense is an advertising service provided by Google Inc. This service uses the “Doubleclick” cookie, which tracks the use of this online space and the user’s behavior in relation to advertisements, products and services offered.
The User can decide at any time not to use the Doubleclick Cookie by disabling it:

Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment : USA – Privacy Policy

Data Controller

The owner and responsible for the use of cookies (excluding, if any, third-party cookies) on this website is:
LaoRafting s.a.s. di Matidieri Luca & Co.

Given the objective complexity linked to the identification of technologies based on Cookies and their very close integration with the functioning of the web, the User is invited to contact the Owner should he wish to receive any further information on the use of the Cookies themselves and any uses of the same – for example by third parties – made through this site.

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