The canyoning (or canyoning) is the descent on foot of watercourses flowing inside narrow gorges deeply cut into the rock and characterised by low flow rates (usually less than 200 litres per second) and steep gradients. The term most frequently used by practitioners to refer to this is 'canyoning'.gorge".

Obstacles within a gorge are mainly represented by waterfalls, which are overcome with the aid of ropes or - where possible - by diving, sliding or climbing downhill. There are often deep ponds at the base of the waterfalls. In such cases, after descending by rope, a short swim takes one to the shore. If ropes are used, an anchoring system (i.e. something to secure the abseiling rope to) must be in place using expansion plugs or fixed using special resins. Ropes are retrieved at the end of one abseil and reused for subsequent abseils (and this is the second reason why it is impossible to go back).
Our canyoning routes vary in duration between 2 and 4 hoursand (in the water and in these natural environments, the estimation of time is always variable). Canyoning is not an individual sport, but group. It is ideal for groups of friends but also for meeting new people while sharing a unique experience.

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