Lao River Camp

The 'Lao River Camp' equipped tourist area is a magical place, a pearl of beauty located 20 minutes from the centre of Laino Borgo and 10 minutes from the Romito Cave, an archaeological site of worldwide importance and protected by Mount La Destra, a veritable terrace overlooking the two seas of Calabria. The embrace between the Lao river and the "Vrisa" torrent makes it the perfect location both to spend time in fun and tranquillity and to organise all your events immersed in a serene and familiar atmosphere thanks to the courtesy and professionalism of the managers and staff. Inside the area there are green lawns where you can spend entire days relaxing, pampered by the active services: bar, restaurant, picnic/barbecue table area, water trekking and the possibility of using changing rooms with showers, perhaps after a regenerating swim in the clear waters of our rivers. In short, a real 'lido' enveloped in lush vegetation and perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment.

Along the road to reach us there are two viewpoints from where you can admire the imposing Lao River Canyon, and on clear days the volcano Stromboli. To find us, just follow the signs of the parks cycle route indicating 'Contrada Campicello'.

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