Our highly qualified guides will accompany you on a spectacular descent down the rapids of the Lao Riverdiscovering wild, unspoilt nature through one of the canyon most fascinating in Europe, a unique experience within everyone's reach!

There is a choice of different packages for all tastes and ages.

The Centre provides the necessary equipment:

  • mute;
  • water jacket;
  • helmet;
  • life jacket;

To be brought (not supplied):

  • swimming costume;
  • wettable T-shirt;
  • dry replacement;
  • towel;
  • shoes to get wet;

Here the security is always held in the highest regard.
Experienced and qualified guides will give you precise instructions before and during activities.
Safety equipment (life jackets, helmets, etc.) will always be provided before departure. They are also conducted short courses (15-minute briefings each) during which they are given notions and instructions also useful for safety purposes.

The centre will adjust according to the extent of the bad weather itself.
In most cases, light rain is not a problem.
If bad weather makes rafting impracticable, you can still postpone your activity. What is certain is that in rafting, rain or no rain, you still get wet.
In any case, remember that you will be provided with suitable clothing!

On our dinghies, the maximum number of people is six.
Depending on the river's hydrographical levels, the river manager can decide whether to increase or decrease the number of people on a raft to between 4 and 6.

One of the main features of the Lao River is precisely the constancy of its water flow rateeven in the hottest and driest months, guaranteeing that our dinghies are always passable.

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